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Cheana Tagatac has lost 20lbs, 17inches and 4 dress sizes with The Body Firm, Forth Worth personal trainer experts!  You could be our next success story!

- One of Many Fort Worth Personal Trainer Success Stories!

This is Why We Are the Fort Worth's Best Personal Trainers!

Take a Look at Some of Our Recent Transformations.  We Are the Real Deal and Get You the Results YOU Are Seeking.  Whether It's to Lose Weight, Pack on Muscle or Simply Feel Healthy We Are the Solution You've Been Looking For.

  • "I've lost 15lbs of bodyfat and 3 ins off my waist. I'd tried and failed on my own. The Body Firm coaches, nutrition and support made all the difference! I'm fitter, tighter and more toned than I have in years!"

    Jennifer Horton

  • "Even as a busy working mom I've lost 30 pounds, 17 inches and 2 dress sizes. I feel great and I've got my confidence back. And I did all this with only 1 hour of exercise per week! This program WORKS!"

    Lisa Childers

This is Why We Are Different!

We offer weight loss and fitness in a fun, non-judgmental, and supportive atmosphere. Eating real food and getting real results real fast is what we live for!  We don't quit until you get the results you want.

We have the most experienced personal trainers in Fort Worth.

You Are Our Focus and Your Results Are Our Priority...

We provide exceptional fully supported services with enthusiasm in an effort to help our neighbors get fit and live a healthy lifestyle.

We have passion for helping people reach their highest potential and their fitness goals. We use research and evidence supported programing to drive our decisions.

Our promise is to create an EXPERIENCE that you want to share with your friends each and every time you work with us.



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What Actual Clients Have To Say!

  • “I wanted to get back into some of those clothes I had before those babies.
    My husband noticed how much better I like how much stronger I feel. I have to recommend it to anybody, any body who wanted to come in and make a difference in how they feel and how they look.”

    Kristen Jenkins, 39, Hospital Executive - Dropped 15lbs and 2 dress sizes

  • “I’ve seen a lot of benefits from training, and the most important is weight loss. I’ve lost 24 pounds since I first began working out. And I’ve also seen a lot of added energy throughout the day. So that’s two plusses that I’m very pleased with.
    It's made a big impact. You see a lot of differences in my body and that has made me gain a lot of confidence in all aspects of my life.”

    Steven Poole 34 Teachers Union Executive Director - Lost 24 pounds and 8 inches off his waist

  • “I thought I could do it on my own, but I didn’t and I got heavier than I’d ever been.
    Today I can go out and not feel like the fat girl at the table. I’m going on a date with my husband, and I bought a dress that is a size smaller than I have ever worn in years, and that was huge. I was about to cry in the fitting room.
    This program isn’t like anything I’ve ever tried before, it’s better and it works!”

    Tracy Minter 43 Mom and Business Owner - Lost 32 pounds and has gone from a 12 to a 4

  • “I was very nervous. Afraid that I was too old, too out of shape, that I wasn’t the kind of client that they wanted, that I couldn’t afford it. But Dave was very kind, very respectful. He felt I could do it.
    Its kind of like if I work out this hard I’m proud of myself. If I’m proud of myself, I don’t need the food to comfort me. I have confidence in myself.”

    Janet Powers 52 Pediatric Nurse - Lost 115 pounds and 5 Dress sizes

  • “I had put on some weight the last couple of years and I needed to get it off to feel better. I couldn’t find anything to wear. I felt sluggish. I just didn’t feel like myself. Walking wasn't doing it. Eating healthy wasn’t doing it.
    This program works and it’s worth the money and time. Because you only got one life.  You have to make the most of it.”

    Sally Joslin 48 Reading Specialist - Lost 21 pounds and 19 inches

  • “The group that I’m with makes all the difference. I had tried the gym thing, and I could NOT get myself motivated. I've lost more than 60lbs and 4 dress sizes. I don’t even look like the same person, and I sure don’t feel like that girl anymore. This program is fast, it's fun and I'm so glad I joined!”

    Katii Moore 30, Teacher  - Lost 60 pounds and 4 dress sizes

  • “With my unpredictable schedule and crazy work hours I just kept seeing my weight creep up. To the point I knew I had to do something. Dave was able to help me with my nutrition and eating habits and that was a HUGE thing for me. I felt better almost immediately after starting the program. The workouts are only 30 minutes and fun so I’m in and out and not wasting any time. The results have been great! I’m a client for life now”

    Tammy Dombeck 40, Television Reporter - Lost 22 pounds and 3 Dress Sizes

  • “While looking at some photos from Disneyland. What should have been a great trip wasn't so good. I didn't recognize myself! "I couldn't believe how bad it was! I felt like the fat girl in the room, and decided that's enough. I've lose 32lbs and 3 dress sizes with the Body Firm and I'm not done yet!”

    Shelly Smith 38, Insurance Claims Specialist - Dropped 32 pounds and 3 dress sizes

  • "At just 26 I went past 150 pounds and I just seemed to keep packing on the pounds. I wanted to take care of this problem and get ready for my upcoming wedding .Right away I knew the program was working. After the first 2 weeks I’d dropped 5lbs, and I finally felt in control again. Now after 5 months I’ve dropped 27lbs, and 11ins and went from a size 8 to a 0! If you’re at your heaviest like I was you need to do this for yourself now."

    Michelle Gumm 27, a teacher from North Richland Hills - Dropped 27 pounds and went from a size 8 to a 0